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By Anonymous - Nov 15, 2017
By Andrew Castellano/For The Sporting Nation   Tito Polo, 23, is a Colombian professional outfielder in the Chicago White Sox organization. Polo has been playing in the minor leagues for five years and has been a part of the Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox...
By Sunny Cadwallader - Apr 29, 2017

The Detroit Tigers beat the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday, April 25 by a score of 19-9. An eyesore of a score for Mariners fans, and another frustrating result for a team thought to be much better than it has played so far this season.

Felix Hernandez, Seattle’s ace, was on the mound for...

By Anonymous - Apr 16, 2017

By CYNTHIA ESQUEDA/For The Sporting Nation 


TEMPE, Ariz. -- This past March, Osmer Morales, a Venezuelan-born professional pitcher, was given an opportunity of a lifetime. He came a step closer of fulfilling his dream of playing in Major League Baseball when he was invited to...
By Anonymous - Mar 22, 2017

By Dan Karl/For The Sporting Nation

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Baseball fans can see more than a game at Salt River Fields, home of Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies spring training. 

By Jose Romero - Sep 29, 2016

The past couple of days have seen a public procession and a mass for the now departed Jose Fernandez. And for those who were not close to him, the process of moving on and getting past the utter grief and sadness at this tragic loss becomes easier.

It will never be easier for his loved...