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By Anonymous - Nov 13, 2017
By Christopher Gleason/For The Sporting Nation 

Phoenix Rising FC's season came to an end Sunday, October 22, putting the wraps on the soccer franchise's first year under new ownership and a new brand.               The team feels good about where it is though, especially in...
By Anonymous - Oct 24, 2017

 By Christopher Gleason / For The Sporting Nation

Photos courtesy of Phoenix Rising FC

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Victor Vasquez does the same thing before every home game. He gets his hair cut, buys chicken noodle soup from Sprouts and eats it in the comfort of his own...

By Anonymous - Oct 20, 2017

By Isaac Colindres/For The Sporting Nation


By Anonymous - Sep 18, 2017
By Emily Wirtz/For The Sporting Nation Los Bandidos, Phoenix Rising Football Club’s Ultras as they call themselves, has a message they want to spread throughout Phoenix and the soccer community—one of anti-racism and anti-fascism. Ultras in the international soccer community are generally known for...