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By Anonymous - Oct 20, 2017

By Isaac Colindres/For The Sporting Nation


By Anonymous - Jul 22, 2017
By Simran Dave/For The Sporting Nation

The booming drums. The bellowing voices. The boisterous crowd. For seven years, the American Outlaws of Phoenix, Arizona have rallied behind U.S. soccer. From small beginnings, the group has grown to become one of the largest chapters in the...
By Anonymous - Jul 15, 2017
By Simran Dave/for The Sporting Nation Photo courtesy of North Phoenix Christian Soccer Club

Fútbol. Calcio. Nogomet. Soccer. Whatever fans around the world call it, the most popular sport on the planet has the ability to bring people together, and a fan-driven program in Phoenix,...
By Anonymous - Jun 28, 2017
By Orlando Manzo/for The Sporting Nation
CASA GRANDE, Ariz. - The one and only FC Barcelona of Spain and Arizona's Grande Sports Academy have joined forces to create a new opportunity in U.S. youth soccer development.   Barcelona, one of the most widely-supported soccer teams in the world...
By Anonymous - Jun 16, 2017

By Orlando Manzo/For The Sporting Nation

Omar Bravo, a star of Phoenix Rising FC, is already making an impact with his team and with soccer fans in Arizona.

The 37-year-old forward...