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By Anonymous - Dec 30, 2017

By Weston DeWitt

By Anonymous - Nov 04, 2017

By Weston DeWitt/For The Sporting Nation


On November 12, 2016, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) took a gargantuan step forward with their company. It held the first ever UFC event in the state of New York since the company had gotten approved to start holding events in...

By Anonymous - Sep 08, 2017

By Yvette Sanchez/For The Sporting Nation

By Anonymous - Jul 28, 2017

By Weston DeWitt/for the Sporting Nation 


UFC 214 has been one the most highly anticipated cards in its history and it is finally here.

The PPV card will feature five-high energy fights at the...

By Anonymous - Jul 08, 2017
By Vaughn Johnson/for The Sporting Nation

The Ultimate Fighting Championship provides a platform for fighters of all different ethnic origins to compete through numerous styles of mixed martial arts, for fans to view across the world.
That's been the backdrop for this week's...