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An August to Remember

By Jose Romero - Sep 03, 2016

Welcome to September, when the baseball postseason race heats up and college and pro football begin. 

But what an August we had in sports. It started in Rio de Janeiro at the Olympics. 

Our favorite moments: 

-Simone Manuel winning gold in swimming, and making history as the first black female swimmer to win an individual medal. 

-Fiji's Rugby Seven side dominating on the way to an historic gold medal for the small island nation. 

-Usain Bolt flying down the track with ease, it seemed, in winning gold in the 100 and 200 meters yet again.

-Gold medals in mens and womens basketball, and the joy and tears of Carmelo Anthony, who has never and will likely never win an NBA title but has made his mark on the Olympic court with three gold medals and a bronze.

-The capybaras on the golf course. 

-The passion of Brazilian fans singing their country's national anthem. 

-Brazil winning the most important gold medal to its people, men's soccer. And the second-most perhaps, beach volleyball. We like Neymar even more now. 

-Scenes of favela residents watching the opening ceremony fireworks from the hillsides of Rio. Through all the criticism and politics, Rio pulled it off. And while much needs to be done to make Brazil a better country and the water is contaminated, how fun did it look on TV? 

-The empty seats in several venues. It was glaring in track. Couldn't the available tickets have been given to the poor or at least the less wealthy?

-The Ryan Lochte saga. Why?

During the Olympics, other things happened in sports in August. Alex Rodriguez played his last game as a Yankee, and it rained on his farewell ceremony. Prince Fielder called it a career.

The Cowboys' Tony Romo was badly injured in a preseason game. Tough luck for a tough guy. And as we open September, Mark Sanchez, another NFLatino, is off to Dallas after being cut by the Denver Broncos. 

Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem in protest of the treatment of people of color. A man exercising his right to freedom of expression, and he backed up his actions with cash. No problem with that here. 

It's September. Lionel Messi didn't end up quitting Argentina after all. He's back to national team action. And we are only a month away from October, arguably the best sports month in America when all six major sports are being played -- MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA football and MLS. 


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