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Cambo on UFC: The end of Anderson Silva?

By Ricky Cambo - Jan 03, 2014

Anderson Silva has been UFC champion since 2006. He has the record for most consecutive UFC title defenses. He also has the best win-loss record in the history of the UFC.

Silva is widely considered to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time. And he also may have ended his career this past Saturday. Silva went into this fight against UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman as a heavy favorite. Weidman beat him in their first meeting at UFC 162, but the nature of the win was very fluky.

Silva was clowning around and mocking Weidman for most of the second round. He pretended to be more hurt than he actually was from one of Weidman’s blows. Weidman then hit him with a left hook and Silva went down. He lost for the first time in the history of the UFC.

In the second fight last weekend, many predicted that Silva would regain the championship. In this fight, Weidman completely dominated Anderson Silva in the first round.

He dropped Silva in the first round and controlled him on the ground for the rest of the round. In the second round they boxed for two minutes. Silva launched a strong leg kick towards Weidman, Weidman checked the kick with his knee, and Anderson Silva’s leg got snapped in near the ankle. It was one of the most gruesome visuals in sports. The future is now a bit unclear. The UFC has some new blood at middleweight as Weidman is their new champion.

No one knows the future of “The Spider”. Injuries happen all the time in sports. This type of injury would have guaranteed the end of a career 15-20 years ago. However advances in modern medicine give rise to hope. Louisville basketball played Kevin Ware came back from his gruesome injury. Adrian Peterson returned from a torn ACL and MCL. The highest caliber of athletes have the bodies and the mentality to recover from the worst possible injuries. Nonetheless, nothing is certain.

Anderson Silva will be 40 years old when he recovers from this injury. Who knows if he will have the same desire to fight when he recovers from this? Not to mention the man has been in UFC title fights practically his entire career. What if he doesn’t have the drive to keep fighting when his path to the title will be a long one?

Nothing is known right now, all that is known is that while Anderson Silva is away from the Octagon, a big hole is left that no one can fill. No even Chris Weidman.



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