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England-Honduras offers glimpse of soccer future in South Florida

By Gabriel Mesa - Jun 08, 2014

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- With less than a week till the start of the World Cup, teams are finishing their respective send-off series to Brazil. The U.S. just wrapped up their series in Jacksonville with a 2-1 victory over Nigeria Saturday, while the English national team faced off against Honduras in Miami later that day. The World Cup fever was in full force at both games as excitement for the tournament continues to grow. 


In Jacksonville, a crowd of 52,033 fans showed up to send off their team with a third straight victory heading into the World Cup. In Miami, 45,379 fans showed up to the match at SunLife Stadium, almost as many as a normal Miami Dolphins game. A largely pro-Honduran stadium still saw a large British contingent, who littered the railings with flags from different clubs all throughout England’s football leagues.


The stadium constantly had verbal wars as the Hondurans would chant for their side before England would follow suit. The stadium would shake as fans pounded their feet when any opportunity for a score would come. The excitement for soccer was palpable in the stadium and it will only continue after Brazil.


As stars begin to flock to Major League Soccer, the U.S. could be on the verge of a golden age of soccer following this World Cup. Especially here in South Florida, where politicians are holding up David Beckham’s MLS stadium plans, the continued success of these international matches just goes to show how successful it can be in the area.


The World Cup is an exciting time everywhere around the world. It gives Americans an opportunity to share in a global event and represent our country with pride. Here in the States, soccer grows with every passing tournament. As preparations come to an end, the fan support for the sport is clear and after this World Cup, soccer attendance will only grow and the game will flourish even more in the United States. 



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