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'Mes que un club:' FC Barcelona adds fantasy partner

By Sunny Cadwallader - Jan 13, 2015

One of the most popular football clubs in the world has joined the fantasy sports playing world. 

Mondogoal, a sports fantasy platform, recently announced a partnership with one of the world's largest football clubs, FC Barcelona. It looks like a perfect match for the fast-growing company. With millions of followers across their myriad of social media accounts, FCB is another big coup, making Mondogoal a major player in the world of fantasy sports. 

“Adding FC Barcelona to our stable of team partners is exciting for many reasons. Barça is football, from Cruyff and Maradona on through Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry and of course Messi, Neymar, Xavi and Iniesta,” said Mondogoal CEO and Founder Shergul Arshad in a statement from the company. “More importantly, FC Barcelona isn’t just football. FCB is the largest, most engaged club in the world on social media, with over 80 million Facebook followers, and we know that following will be key to the success of our partnership. Their fans are passionate and involved in all things Barca, and this is a new, fun and innovative way for them to follow and participate with their friends and supporters around the world, in real time.”

Utilizing “real-time scoring”, Mondogoal applies the same rules to all participants, providing a level playing system for all. Shots on goal and completed passes are just two of the data points that Mondogoal uses to award fantasy points, which are updated live. Running daily or on matchday, Mondogoal covers all of the major leagues and tournaments in Europe. For FC Barcelona, Mondogoal will be providing a daily and weekly format for the club's millions of followers to join as the club continues to expand its brand.

Soccer joins football, baseball, basketball and hockey among team sports used to play fantasy games.  

Mondogoal is based on the Isle of Man (United Kingdom) with business operations in Boston.

*Special thanks to Joe Favorito for help with this story.  



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