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"Panteras" show love for lucha libre

By Jose Romero - Feb 01, 2016

Denver has by far more Latinos and a larger Latino fan base with that, but the Carolina Panthers might have picked up some more Latino fans on Monday night.

During Monday night's Super Bowl 50 "Opening Night" event, formerly known as Media Day, someone from Spanish-language media decided to hand out a few luchador masks to Panthers players, and the Carolina guys who wore them took an immediate liking to the silver, Carolina blue and black mascaras.  

Josh Norman was one of those. The Panther star cornerback continued to wear his mask even after trying it on, answering more questions through the face-tight mask. 

"This is for all my Spanish guys out there," Norman said. 

OK, we're guessing he meant those fans who are of Latino descent, but whatever. Did he know the tradition and history of Mexican lucha libre and the meaning of the mask? We can't say yes or no. Such a response would indicate not.

But hey, we can give the guy a pass in the spirit of the Super Bowl and its ever-growing appeal to the Latino fan base of the NFL. 

With Monday's gestures and the fact that Carolina is coached by only the second Latino coach ever to take a team to the Super Bowl, Ron Rivera, it's not hard to be pulling for the Panthers on Sunday. 



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