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Rivera: Big Papi took over the World Series

By Steve Rivera - Oct 31, 2013

Ay, Papi!

Make that - Big Papi! Include the exclamation point because the Boston slugger made this World Series HIS World Series. Hell, he's been making moments for most of the postseason. Well, seemingly every postseason Boston has been in the last 10 years.

Now, he's been part of three Boston titles.

Forget Que Bueno, it's Tres Bueno for Big Papi. Good things do come in threes.

And, while we're at it - is there a cooler nickname in sports today?

Big Papi.

Say it slowly, quickly, with an accent or without (better with, just saying). Say it like you mean it or say it how you want … it's the best. Wish I had it.

Imagine Sofia Vergara saying it: Ay, Big Papi!

'Nuff said.

All of Boston should go: one, two, three … Big Papi! Gracias.

But, I digress. The point has been made. There's not another nickname bigger or better than David Ortiz's.

And while you're at it try to find a bigger name in sports right now … see, not one. Not Lebron, not Brady, not anyone…


Senor Otono.

That's him - the guy with the big bat in the series. Why stop at the series?

He did in the Tampa Bay Rays; Detroit? Not so much, but he clearly made up for it in the World Series. The Cardinals pitched to him at their own peril. In Game 6, they finally decided just to put him on, after all, they couldn't prevent him from reaching base, anyway. Or so it seemed after he went 11 for 16.

Let's hear hit for his poise. Sure, he has his detractors. Who doesn't?

Hey, he started the season with an F-Bomb heard around the baseball world denouncing the Boston Marathon bombers.

(Standing ovation here - with applause effect)

 He said it in context so he can be excused. He said it with a passion, so he should be applauded.

Boston hasn't stopped applauding all season.

"Stay strong" indeed.

Big Papi has. The guy with the big middle and sweet swing has been clutch all season.

The all-time best DH - deadeye hitter - proved to be a tough out for the Cardinals. And at 37 years old - 38 next month - he's showing no signs of slowing down. At least not with the bat.

Go ahead, detractors, say what you want here ….

Ok, enough.

Ortiz is: have bat will marvel.

Broken-bat singles; big-time home runs; booming extra-base hits; he made walking cool. Big Papi has had them all.

Whether it's been the big hit or big speech, Ortiz has brought it to the plate.

"Anytime that guy opens his mouth it's a hard held message," Jonny Gomes said in a post-game interview with ESPN after Game 4 and Ortiz's listen-up speech that inspired Boston to a victory. "It was pretty priceless."

He even went political, saving his win-one-for-the-gipper speech after tapping into his inner Bill Clinton.

"He makes a lot of money making speeches," said Ortiz, telling reporters where he got his inspiration. "And he changes a lot of lives with his speeches. I watch him. I learn. If you get people to listen, they will react."

Indeed. And, well, they did. And now they are world champions.

He's been beyond the box score; a player who transcends sports and cultures. Heck, he has a commercial on how to speak Boston for goodness sakes. This from a guy who came from the Dominican Republic to a place (Boston) where heroes are welcome. Boston has one and they worship the ground he walks on.

For Ortiz, it's Fenway, where his hands, eyes and hips are his most prized possessions. He drives balls opposite field with perfect patience; pulls balls when appropriate (quick hands). He doesn't discriminate - no pitcher was safe in the post season. 

Big Daddy -- indeed. Maybe he'll let me borrow the name - even for a weekend. A day?



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