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Rodriguez: Crossing World Cup off the bucket list

By Robert Rodriguez - Jul 09, 2014

Good thing this event only comes every four years. I am not sure that fans, TV ratings and social media can handle much more. I think it would be safe to say that attending a World Cup match or visiting the host country during the event ranks high on everyone’s bucket list.


I was able to cross the event off of my list this past week. After watching much of the group stage from my office, I jumped on a plane and visited a close friend in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. 


I kicked things off by taking in the Germany vs. Algeria in the new upgraded Estádio Beira-Rio. The match was a great scene with the Algerian fans taking over the stadium with their great chants, great spirit and a great first half. While I was not supporting either side, it was amazing to see one of the World Cup finalists, Germany, play live.


While most of the world was use to seeing Rio’s sun and sexy beaches, Porto Alegre was a bit colder and a bit too rainy than this southern California boy could handle. After a bit of convincing, my Brazilian brother was swayed into jumping on a plane headed to Rio.


With only 36 hours in Rio, I was blessed with amazing weather, great steaks from one of the oldest churrascarias in the city and finishing it off by visiting the famous statue of  Jesus high atop a South American jewel.  I would be lying if a return to Rio were not in my future. The city seemed to offer all of the great things one could ask for; the history and tradition of New York, the amazing weather of Los Angeles, the warm water of Miami and food choices fresh out of the pages of a San Francisco blog post.


Now that the final is all set with Germany against Argentina, I can say that this was a great World Cup experience for me overall.



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