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San Diego State's Aztec calendar football helmets!

By Jose Romero - Aug 07, 2015

If you missed it this week, San Diego State University -- an alma mater of our jefe Robert Rodriguez -- unveiled a new football uniform design. If you're down with la raza - and you know we are y que? - you have to love it. 

That's an Aztec calendar, yes, the symbol of the mighty Mexica civilization, on the helmet of the Aztecs. One could say it's about time they used an authentic symbol of the cradle of ancient Mexican civilization as a logo, and not contrived and/or stereotypical logos and live mascots. 

One could also say that this is historic. Who puts an Aztec calendar on a helmet and jersey? 

It has to make you kind of proud to have gone to school there or be a fan of SDSU, right? Even if you didn't, it's just a unique look. 

We'll assume that there are very respectful and culturally sensitive reasons for the new look, of course. Mexica Tiahui. 




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Dec 04, 2017
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