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Santiago-Castro is boxing battle for Phoenix bragging rights

By - Feb 24, 2018

By Marquis Morales/for The Sporting Nation

Two Phoenix-area fighters with impressive records are set to battle for a super bantamweight title belt Saturday night at the city's Celebrity Theatre.

Alexis “Beaver” Santiago (21-5-1, 8 knockouts) will be taking on undefeated Carlos Castro (19-0, 8 KOs) in the main event of Iron Boy 43, despite some controversy with the official scale at the weigh-in Friday. Santiago came in just two ounces above the weight limit for the class and was given two hours to lose the weight and be weighed again.

Once all the fighters were weighed, Francisco “Panchito” De Vaca of the featherweight class argued that there was something wrong with the weights that the scale was showing. De Vaca had been weighed and was two ounces overweight as well.

“I checked on my own scale and I was 125.8 and right here I don’t know. The floor is uneven or something.” De Vaca said. “When I stepped on it the second time, I felt it move.” 

The weigh-ins took place at a restaurant called Mariscos El Dorado in Phoenix, and the scale was located outside on a patio area outside the restaurant. After De Vaca made his claim that the floor was uneven, officials at the weigh in placed a piece of cardboard underneath the scale to keep it flat on the floor. 

De Vaca was weighed again and was still overweight and was given two hours to lose the weight as well, though he was unfazed. “I’ll be good right now. It’s only two ounces, I’m not too worried.”

Once Santiago heard that there might be something wrong with the scale, he immediately came back to be weighed with the scale on top of the piece of cardboard. He came in at 122 pounds even, to the applause of his fans and friends.

The scale was not the only complaint that the fighters had at the weigh-in. The weigh in was outside and the weather was uncharacteristically cold in Phoenix. The fighters had to undress in less than 50-degree weather, even if it was only while they stood on the scale.

As boxer Cesar Barraza was re-dressing, he said in Spanish, “It’s so cold here. I’m gonna end up sick for the fight tomorrow.”

The clash between Santiago and Castro is big for boxing in Arizona as they boast some of the best records in their weight classes in the state. “These two warriors, their paths have been destined to cross,” said announcer Sonny Franco. 

Santiago has lost his last two fights. 

It certainly seems like a fight created from fate, as both fighters live in Phoenix and they both boast impressive records, with Santiago having a 16-1 record and Castro being undefeated in fights held in the Phoenix area.

Neither fighter had much to say to each other during the face off after they both weighed in, as they seemed poised to focus on the fight and nothing else. 

Once the main event fighters finished their weigh-ins, they both went their separate ways, with Castro eating at the restaurant with his family and Santiago leaving with his entourage.

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