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Sun Devil Stadium's new look is taking shape

By - Jul 09, 2017

By Lindsay Negben/for The Sporting Nation
TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona State University is making some huge changes to their football stadium this upcoming football season, with more to come next season.
Sun Devil Stadium has been under major reconstruction for about the last year to upgrade the facilities. The whole reconstruction project costs about $268 million. Most of the money raised was from donors.
“Our donors are life-long donors,” chief operating officer Rocky Harris said.
Most of the donors will have at least one suite in one of the clubs for they and their families to hang out and enjoy the ASU football experience. Some donors did give back their suites so the university can try to sell them to other people.
The renovations include everything from various west side lounges to east side lounges that will be under construction after the end of this football season, to handrails throughout the stadium for stairs to more accessible seating.

New 60-foot-by-20-foot speakers with a 180-foot-by-60-foot video board should be fully installed by end of July.
The workout room, player’s locker room, and a “closing room” for recruits and their families are also being added.
Numerous posters all over the stadium explain the new enhancements being added.
When it comes to the West Side Club Level, there are three different suites: the Legends Club, Founders Club, and Coaches Club. They are enclosed, air conditioned areas. There are lounge areas if fans would rather watch the game on one of the many flat screen TV’s while eating, drinking, and socializing.
Each club has its own lounge area as well as a designated suite.
The Legends Club is the least expensive of the three. There are four suites with 12 outdoor seats, two seats along the drink rail, and four additional seats for guests that fans choose to bring. This club is almost sold out. It has an Arizona type of feel to it with the “garage-type doors” for the inside/outside experience.
The Founders Club is a lot more upscale than the Legends Club. It costs $10 million at a minimum for a suite. This particular suite) is for donors and family only. These aren’t open to the public to buy.

These feature all inclusive food and drink, which includes alcohol. 

The Coaches Club is for donors that gave $500,000 and up. It also includes the all-inclusive food and drink, including alcohol. There is fixed sitting out on the deck and four “boxes” that will fit four people per box. In total, this suite will sit 283 people.
“This whole design is so that this place will be used for a lot of more than just hospitality during football games,” ASU vice president for athletics Ray Anderson said. “This kind of space will be available to host events, both internal and external … This is the example of the kind of space design that will be good for more multiple uses.”
The Founders Club and Coaches Club are all for founders and donors. 
“The group that built the stadium for us will really reside in this space and the space next door (Founders’ Club). This is a great place to hold a small event, also,” said Harris.



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