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Tempe Diablo Stadium completes 50th spring season

By - Apr 30, 2017

By Nathan Delia/For The Sporting Nation

Spring training has been a hit in Arizona since 1929 when the Detroit Tigers became the first team to head down to the desert for some preseason baseball. But there are a lot of other components that go into what seems to be such a simple month-long season.
Tempe Diablo Stadium is now the spring training home for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim after it was founded in 1968. The stadium holds just under 10,000 fans, one of the smallest facilities in the Cactus League.
Obviously the biggest attraction at the stadium is the major league baseball players, but there is much more that has to be in order when March rolls around.
Jerry Hall, manager of Tempe Diablo Stadium, Jerry Hall, is in charge of running the daily functions of the stadium. Every game, Tempe Diablo Stadium brings in thousands of fans that are ready for baseball, food and some entertainment.
Besides the employees that work at the stadium, different functions of the stadium are run by different organizations.
The Angels themselves handle all seating and ticket sales at Tempe Diablo Stadium. For food and merchandise, the Angels have approved Legend Hospitality to take care of that portion of the stadium. All profits from spring training is then split between the Angels and the City of Tempe.
Hall does believe that it is “very important” to keep increasing the level of attraction for the stadium to keep fans coming back. Hall says that the stadium is always trying to offer new food choices to keep things interesting for all the returning fans. Also, Hall says that the location of the stadium and its “old spring training feel” can separate them from the pack.
Although Tempe Diablo Stadium offers a good fab experience, it can be hard to compete with a facility like nearby Scottsdale Stadium.
Scottsdale Stadium is home to the San Francisco Giants, who have remained one of the most popular teams in the Cactus League. The stadium has a capacity of 12,000 fans and with a recent remodel, fans are now able to walk around the entire concourse exposing the new practice facilities, merchandise stores and the large variety of food concession stands.
Even though the stadium has so many different features and updated facilities, some fans think that Scottsdale Stadium is much more popular than the other stadiums for other reasons.
Lifelong baseball fan Aaron Schenfisch believes that the Giants and the location are the causes for the popularity. “First of all I think the popularity of the franchise is what brings in so many fans,” said Schenfisch. “But I also think that the stadium being located in Scottsdale also adds to its exposure. Scottsdale is a nice place and it makes the trip to the stadium much more appealing than having to drive out somewhere else.”
Scottsdale Stadium does provide arguably the best fan experiences out of all the spring training ballparks in Arizona, but Hall still believes that Tempe Diablo Stadium still has its own perks.
“Also we are unique because we allow fans to come in for free and watch practices,” said Hall. Other teams do do this, but most work out on fields at a complex and not inside stadiums.
Hall and the Angels continue to look for ideas to add to the fan experience each season. Planning for the next season will start soon.




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