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UFC 212 Preview: Aldo returns to Brazil

By - Jun 01, 2017

By Aaron Fischer/for The Sporting Nation


UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo will be fighting Max Holloway in UFC 212 on June 3, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to determine who will be the undisputed class champion.
After hinting at retirement late last year when he was frustrated with UFC President Dana White, Aldo is looking to put the past year behind him and get back in the octagon.
“It’s a great pleasure, it’s great honor for me to come back and fight in Brazil. What motivates me is that I love what I do and this is what I do for a living so the past year I just prefer to put that behind me,” Aldo said through a translator.
Outside of Conor McGregor, Aldo has beaten of all his featherweight opponents. When asked if Holloway is the last man standing in the division Aldo responded by saying it is something he doesn’t think about.
Holloway has been personally anticipating this fight for quite some time. He tried to fight Aldo back in November and then again in December of last year but they couldn’t make it happen.
“I can’t wait to make that walk and fight the guy. Things happen, timing wasn’t right, timing is now and I look forward to it,” Holloway said.
Holloway has also been in the headlines with his “where’s Jose Waldo?” comments because he believes Aldo was trying to avoid fighting him.
“He can really say whatever he wants. It’s to promote the fight and it’s good for the fans and good for us so I think it’s all worth it so I know I just have to go in there to do my job and I feel very well trained to do so,” Aldo said.
When it comes to the fight itself, Holloway said he will be ready.
“I’m going out there to be dominant,” Holloway said.
As far as having a belt is concerned, Holloway isn’t worried about Aldo being the current featherweight champion.
“Everyone can get a belt, I don’t care. I want to be the best guy ever to do this,” Holloway said.
With Aldo and Holloway both being great strikers and having similar fighting styles, Holloway has been someone Aldo has been looking to fight and is excited to defend his belt.
Holloway is also excited to face off against Aldo.
“I’m getting ready for the best Jose Aldo so I can’t wait to step into the octagon,” Holloway said.
Both fighters have put in the work and are ready for one of the most anticipated fights of the year.
“Tune into the pay-per-view on June 3rd and you guys can watch,” Holloway said.     

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