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Wins the thing at FC Arizona matches

By - May 28, 2017

By Lindsay Nebgen/For The Sporting Nation

FC Arizona stayed hot with a 7-0-shutout win over City of Angels FC Saturday night. This now brings the club to an 11-game win streak.


The team has only allowed two goals to be scored all season against, while it has scored 33.


FC Arizona is currently undefeated in its first ever season as a team with five games remaining in the season.


 “I’m very happy. It’s the first tournament; it’s the first year we’ve been playing. It’s important for the team to have managed to stay undefeated for so long in our inaugural season,” midfielder Ignacio Coba said.


They are part of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). NPSL is a fourth tier league behind Major League Soccer, the North American Soccer League and the United Soccer Leagues.


Within NPSL, there are four different regions of play, the North, Midwest, South and West. FC Arizona is currently in first place in the Southwest Conference.


At John Riggs Stadium on the Mesa (Ariz.) Community College campus, there are concession stands with snacks and drinks, pizza and ice cream. FC Arizona T-shirts for cost no less than $20 or a jersey for $55.


Though no official crowd count was available, the bleachers on one side of the stadium were more than half filled with fans cheering the team on. Flags were handed out in the beginning of the game for fans to wave them around during the game. and kids received posters for autographs from players for after the match.

It's a low-budget operation with only a few employees to perform plenty of multitasking, and the pizza ran out before halftime, but more came during the second half and most fans seeomed to be enjoying themselves. 


Just like many soccer teams, FC Arizona has an official supporters group called The Rampants Supporters cheering the team on throughout the whole game.

They’ve been meeting since August 2016 and attended the season opener, and the rest is history. Secretary of the Rampants Joshua Simpson said that they had many meetings before the start of the season to discuss what they were going to do for the team.


Every time the team would come close to scoring, they would bang on the drums. After a goal was scored, they would blow the vuvuzela and set off red and yellow smoke bombs.


The Rampants have invited the other professional soccer team in greater Phoenix to come out to their games, but Phoenix Rising FC has declined to do so, Simpson said.


“On their supporters group by-laws, it says, ‘No FC Arizona supporters allowed,’ so we’re like what happened there? We didn’t do nothing. We invited them to come join us and they, like, kind of shunned us,” Simpson said.


When asked about Phoenix Rising, FC Arizona owner Scott Taylor declined to comment.

Regardless of what is going on between the two teams, FC Arizona knows how to win and they keep on winning.


Andrew Weber, goalie, is just one of the stars this team has. He used to play in Major League Soccer for the Portland Timbers and what used to be Phoenix FC (of the USL), and was the first ever player signed to FC Arizona.


“(Playing for this team) was an opportunity to come home and start something very organic,” Weber said. “You know, start doing something from the ground up, from the roots up and you know, this is home so I’m here. I’m home now and it feels good to be home playing for FC Arizona.”


FC Arizona recently signed (Andrew's) twin brother Elliott Weber, of which Andrew also said it is great having his brother alongside him for his last years of playing.


The first goal of Saturday’s game against winless City of Angels came in the fifth minute. Cesar Mexia scored two goals while Coba, Jose Rodriguez, Manuel Rivera and Alejandro Aguilar had one each.


Taylor hopes for bigger and better things in future, as well as moving up to a higher league. For now, the club has one more home game left in its inaugural season, June 17. 


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