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Cosmos score in Cuba

By Jose Romero - Jun 02, 2015

Sepp Blatter is going to step down. Good news.

An American-based club made a successful return to Cuba for a well-received soccer match in Havana, as the New York Cosmos topped the Cuban national team 4-1. Better news. 

Those at FIFA who've lost faith in the game amid all of the arrests and corruption needed only look to the island of Cuba Tuesday, where the Cosmos of the North American Soccer League became the first American-based professional sports team to play in Cuba since 1999 and the first soccer team since 1978.

The rain couldn't dampen the spirit of fostering good relations between the countries, long at odds diplomatically until recent reforms in the Cuba policy from the Obama administration. The score didn't seem to matter as much as the significance of the match.

And look who was there, a former Cosmos and world soccer legend.




Another sports great was in Cuba for the match, one familiar to Nuyoricans and New York: Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. Looks like 'Melo is interested in owning a soccer team in Puerto Rico, which is without one since 2013.

Anthony might be just the guy to help the island of his heritage get a team. His name alone would be a huge asset in terms of finances and fan support, and Puerto Rico has a history of fielding good teams.

But that's for another day, perhaps. The Cosmos and Cuba put on a good show for the ESPN audience and the fans who attended, and another step toward a healthy relationship with the island just off our country's coast was taken.

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