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A Mother's Love

By - May 15, 2017

(Video courtesy of Candace Oehler) 


The Arizona Diamondbacks did a cool thing on Friday when outfielder Yasmany Tomas, of Cuba, did a news conference with his mother.

Tomas was live and in person in a meeting room, while his mother Melba Rosa Callao could be seen live on a screen via a live video program. 

Melba was in Havana while Tomas was a few hours from taking the field in downtown Phoenix. A snippet from the the video/live conference aired on the Diamondbacks' TV broadcast of the game on Sunday, Mothers Day. 

Melba was given the chance to show how she'd introduce her son when he came up to bat, and she wished all of the other players' moms a happy Mothers Day. 



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